I've just bunged my FFF short stories onto KDP just to see what happens. The book is now "under review" and should become available in a few days. 
I have uploaded a lightly edited version of "Help me Daddy!" today. Funny how reading on a Kindle rather than on the familiar old PC makes typos and homophones jump out. A couple of minor substantive changes too.
It's a bit daft to have a bloggy thing and not use it when something happens. So I'm blogging this. I have uploaded my latest Flash Fiction, entitled "Safe Haven" today. It is as entered in the Authonomy Flash Fiction Friday thread, which can be found here: http://www.authonomy.com/forums/threads/86241/fff-apocalypse-/?pagenumber=3
Have a read and let me know what you think.
Nevertheless, two of my tales (on this webpage) have been published as part of an anthology of tales by members of the Authonomy website. Our good friend Splinker (Adam Sifre in the real world) has pulled together the entries of his Flash Fiction Friday threads and a few others to make a book. The twin challenges were write a horror story for Halloween, but write it in exactly 416 words, no more, no less. Why 416? Well, Authonomy was running another competition with that world length requirement and, Splinker being Splinker, he had to subvert it. The excellent result can be found here.
Seriously, there are some excellent stories in there, and not just my ones (to be found at Chapter 20 - The Chair and at Chapter 64 - Giz a light).It's free too. So no excuse. Have a read.


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